Relaxing with Chaos

When we ground ourselves in this way, breathing and relaxing with what is present in the moment … it makes something new possible.

We can be with chaos in a relaxed way.

Our lives are often chaotic and stormy. We can be overwhelmed, scattered, confronted by unexpected events. And this can shut us down or have us go into anxious overdrive … or we can simply be with the chaos in a relaxed way.

We start by recognizing that we’re feeling chaotic, and then practicing grounding ourselves.

From this grounded place, we can open to the chaos of our lives with openness. We might feel fear, frustration, difficulty … but we are able to be with all fo that with openness. We practice opening, relaxing, being with the storm, over and over.

So that the storm doesn’t have to be the end of the world, but just a manifestation of this beautiful chaotic world.

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